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Since the last entry here was now more than eight years old, here's a new one.

...Part of me wanted to keep it until it was ten years old, though. That's gotta be a record of some kind...
Sorry. Despite the impression my first entry gives, I'm not THAT much of a grump.  Hello, all!
OK, what the hell? I finally sign up for an actual account, and start subscribing to people/friending them. I figure, this'll give me a way to keep track of when they update without hassle. Well, apparently not. Not only can you not view a "my favorites" style page that shows you their latest uploads, you can't even view a list of your own friends except when you add a new one? You don't even get a "my friends" page on your site unless you subscribe? Sure, you can get a message whenever a friend uploads something, but how many friends can you have before that becomes COMPLETELY unmanageable due to the sheer net volume of uploads? From what I've seen so far, the only advantage to having a non-paying account is the ability to log in and view stuff that's tagged "mature."  
This is b*llsh*t.
Someone, please tell me I'm just being dumb and that I missed a button or tab somewhere? Because as it is, I'm really, really disappointed.